Art Photography Awards 2022 (singles)


"Your photographs are evocative as we enter into a new reality through your creative constructions. It’s engaging to see the various approaches to composition from one that is more centrally focused like Constructivism One (image 2), City Structures two (image 3), Constructivism ten (image 4) versus overall layering in City Structures (image 1) and Multiple View on a tree 2 (image 5).

The convergence of architectural elements that come together centrally in 3 and 4 is particularly interesting. In 3 there is a sense of airiness, floating into the sky through subtle angles. The blue color works well to accentuate this quality. I like how the edges appear to be towering buildings. While with image 4, the effect/feeling is different- more action-oriented, chaotic in the dynamic pull of repeating patterns. There is a strong sense of depth as we gain our bearings in the visual maze. Image 2 convergence of forms take place but with the layered reality of the clouds for a dream-like effect. The contrast and dualities is captivating in this surreal shot which is also one of your stand outs as a single.

Image 1 speaks well to your project statement regarding “The viewer is forced to use sensory stimuli and memory to create a new construction. A new individual perception emerges.” In this image, there are two realities happening, engaged we want to make sense of it as we use memory of places to compose. The choice of different tones beautifully complements each other and even has a nostalgic aesthetic which is fitting and forces the mind to remember places of the past. It also has a cinematic quality that is reminiscent of black and white films. The left and right side overlays are like delicate curtains, theatrical.

Image 5 is interesting because it exposes the least obvious complexities of your process yet the result is quite expressive. It’s a tree lost in the landscape, not quite grounded. The feeling triggered in this image is less emotional than some of the others and more connective to nature. As a single I find your other images to be more powerful in first impression.

It’s a pleasure to review your intriguing work and learn about the seemingly time intensive process which ultimately results in exceptional works of art. Each one is a journey into emotions and expression. The viewer has no choice but enter into surreal wonder. Thank you and best wishes as you continue to create works of complexity and interest!"

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Art Photography Awards 2021 (singles)


"... Among others, what is really interesting about this work is the delicate balance between similarities and differences among the pictures. At the first look, the pictures appear to be pretty similar but when we examine each photograph separately it becomes clear that they are pretty different self-autonomous artworks. This fact gives the work the flexibility to be presented in many different ways. Moreover, examining each photograph within the context of constructivism, then it becomes apparent that each photograph is a whole constellation of signifiers and signified that deserve a careful examination. Picture 4 expresses perhaps the strongest intention for independence. Whereas the four images have the element of crisscrossing, embodied in their structure, image 4 does not rely upon it. But the pictures that, in my eyes, appear to be highly associated with the concept of constructivism are the first three. Thus, if I had to select one image among the five, it would be one of those three, possibly image 1. This picture feels more organic of them all. Abstract photography though cannot be evaluated with the same tools being used in the evaluation of representational photography. Abstract images have usually quite loose points of reference, and this makes them be open to countless interpretations. ...

The work is enough strong and flexible to attract attention and make the audience engage. ... As for your project here, I am delighted with its quality and depth. I have a strong feeling though that there is more content for you to discover and I am glad to see that the work is still ongoing. Keep on exploring this subject because the potential is high."

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Critic's Choice 2020 (singles)


"You have some very strong work in your submission. You are clearly quite invested in your overall process, and how your multiple exposure approach de-familiarizes subject matter, in a way, that estranges the viewer’s traditional sense of perception from the photograph. Your quite thorough artist statement makes this plain and I certainly applaud the nature of your words. I sense affinities between your photographs and that of the Russian Constructivists of the early 20th century - this roots your pictures within an art historical continuum. Of course, you are not merely following in the footsteps of previous artists but are incorporating your own unique vision to the approach.

For example, I am drawn to the estrangement of seemingly traditional architectural objects in images 1 through 3.. Via multiple exposure and abstraction, you remake and recast the forms of these buildings in a compelling manner. Interestingly, there is a continuity to your use of subject placement and apparent subject scale in your making of new forms. Each picture features a rather strident degree of radial symmetry that, in my opinion, recalls both the elegant structures of flowers and also the underlying design of many galaxies. These are quite strong photographs.

A similar but different approach is evident in image 4. Here you take a somewhat traditional landscape - type view of a cityscape which is overlaid with more detail-oriented descriptions of the same or similar view. Seemingly, visual chaos is undergirded by a sense of form and control, most evident in the horizon lines that occupy the margins of the frame in an orderly fashion. This is a quite compelling photograph in which elements of disorder are mitigated by an overlying degree of unity.

Image 5 is quite different, of course, in terms of subject matter, but the radial symmetry employed in images 1 through 3 is again evident. This is a sound photograph but I'm more drawn to your creation of entirely new forms and compositions via multiple exposures as in images 1 through 4."

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Art Photography 2019


"... These imaginary worlds you create remove the viewer from their commonly understood vantage points and you take them into more surreal worlds. By compositionally combining, layering, and transposing photos you create compositions that promote feelings of uncertainty and the formation of order within disorder. The viewer can feel the ground shifting beneath their feet! By moving and removing the context of the subjects the images become very abstract. You put the viewer in a position to speculate what (or where) it is they are seeing. Because of this, the images evoke ideas around vantage point, perception, and imagination. ...

... Somehow the photos communicate ideas about reality and the way it can blend with a dream reality of a cubist inspired “eternal” city. In this way there is change, danger, and a fluid movement into alternate realities. I think your ideas and your observations are fascinating, the way you are able to create a sense of fluidity and movement with subjects that are traditionally seen as static and stationary. The photos resemble geometric mandalas. For me, the images are powerful in a group, but they are also beautiful as individual photos. ...

... These photos are deeply mysterious because they are so abstract. Because the subjects in these photos are not immediately identifiable, you capture images that go straight to the viewer’s imagination. For example, every single photo is dramatic, rich with possibility and evoke feelings of curiosity. Your juxtaposition of visual elements makes the photos visually poetic. You ask the viewer to reason why certain structures have been composed to form visual relationships with other structures – much in the same way we might see in a dream. ...

... Your images are very dynamic. They are full of observations and questions about life, architecture, and beauty hidden within the city! Your images prove that being observant and creative is very exciting and who knows where it will lead. Also, don’t feel like you need to be married to the photography world. My advice is that you enter juried art exhibitions and/or show your work within art communities. I think that your images would do well in an “art” environment. Your photos really do cross a lot of boundaries, which is highly encouraged in the art world."

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