Michael Spengler – Art Photography

The new art of radical constructivism

Radical constructivism is a position within epistemology. Ernst von Glasersfeld is regarded as the founder of this theory. One of his basic assumptions is: Personal perception cannot produce the image of a reality that exists independently of the individual. Reality for each individual always means only a construction of his own sensory stimuli and his memory. Therefore objectivity in the sense of a correspondence of perceived (constructed) image and reality is impossible.


Every perception is completely subjective.

With the „constructivism“ series, Spengler takes up this position and strengthens it. He lets his subjective perception of reality hit the light-sensitive emulsion of a film several times. The resulting images are images of reality, but the viewer cannot reconcile them with his image of reality. The viewer lacks the point of reference and finds himself in a world that is surreal for him. An attempt to compare it with his knowledge fails. He can recognize parts of a reality known to him and an order can still be discerned in the apparent chaos, but he is unable to merge them into a familiar overall picture.

The viewer is forced to use his sensory stimuli and his memory to create a new construction. A new perception arises, which also differs considerably from the perception of other individuals.

city structures

constructivism dark and light